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Project Description

The tool is designed to migrate one at a time, each public folder from Exchange to a document library on a Sharpeoint site.
A very simplified interface allows you to set some parameters such as: selected public folder, destination URL, target document library. If you want, you can also copy only the folder structure without migrating the mail.


Important notes from Technical Specifications

- The application must run on the Sharepoint server with a user that has write permissions on the destination document library.
- It is also necessary that an Outlook client, which can read public folders. is installed on the server.

Problem with large folders:
- In some cases, dealing with heavy public folder (more than 20 Gb), the program may stop elaboration. The code has been set up with parameters that allow to resume it.

Possible improvements:
- In order to run the application on any client, it is supposed to use web services for the copy of the mail.

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